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My greatest fear for the Hobbit fandom is that after the third movies destroys each and every one of us, all the amazing and beautiful WIP fanfics I’m reading will never be completed. There are so many that will just gut me if we never get that much needed conclusion.

Remember writers, after December 2014, keep writing. Your fans still want to read your stories and they deserve an ending.

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i think we all can agree that there’s too much cgi in the hobbit movies. i was so disappointed to see rivendell look so discolored in auj…

Not to mention we got a pair of villains who look like the half way melted version of the Marshmallow guy from the Ghostbusters, elves with no faces, elves who shoot empty bows because they couldn’t be bothered to CGI in the arrows, elves who went into Uncanny Valley territory…and peolpe actually wonder why they didn’t get the Visual Effects Oscar? I wouldn’t even have nominated them!

As for the characters, my favourite example here is Dean O’Gorman. i love the work of both Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman (not to mention Ken Stott!), but Dean did so much with so little, it’s an inspiration to watch.

I love watching the Ri brothers in the background.  They convey a multi-faceted family dynamic almost entirely using hand-pats, hold-backs, and physical proximity.  I think they’re fantastic.  Plus, the three actors were pretty much tossed together and built it themselves.

We were given some of the best actors in the world and then they were rudely shoved aside to make room for special effects. Kili has been promoted at the expense of Fili who is the Heir for god’s sake. Poor Dean’s role is on the cutting room floor, how that must hurt! So much could have been done if character had been the focus instead of effects. I weep for what these movies could have been.

The book “Lord of the Rings” was 473k words, And “The Hobbit” was 95022 words. They made them three movies.

In the Movie “LoTR” time passed rather slowly in places. Rivendell, moria, Lothlorien, Rohan, Gondor, Mordor, even Dead Marshes i could see the days passing, DAYS. And there was a always small but precious moments aka character developments. 

How about The Hobbit movies? Seems like company arrived places then leaving next day, every places. They made it to Rivendell, ‘kay lets move on! Beorn’s house? no time for singing or bored honey bread(even their leader was injured, wasnt he?), Lake Town? nah, we got to go go go, hurry up. 
How did this happen?

And my dear wonderful dwarves… great actors spent two and a half years to create those dwarves who we love, for what? treated as a background? Even in the fighting scenes they only focused some of them, I’ve been irritated at the fact that I couldn’t see Fighting Fili clearly. There was a fighting Fili(Dean O’Gorman) in the Behind the scenes here and there but not enough clearly in the movies. However, how many times they made a parade of fighting Kili’s face? No offence of Kili but.. but its pretty ill-balanced work.

I really really wish BoFA will have Fili screentime propery. Give me our beloved brave lion prince give me not just a big brother but heir to the throne moment. And every other dwarves too. (sorry for my awful English)


A cool headcanon for the definitely 100% canon everyone-lives post-botfa Erebor:

A group of Southerners (probably some Orocarni dwarves, but possibly a group of Men or a combination of men and dwarves) give a cub of a different species of big cat to each of the members of the…


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Between the beautiful things to see underwater and the miracle of Fili’s powers, Kili’s pretty enthralled.

And poor Fili bb is just as hooked.


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I still love this to pieces. Fíli’s hair is giving me goosebumps here. And the sheer wonder on Kíli’s face…

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Wow the banner’s not exactly same was shown in SDCC.


Do you ever love a show/movie/book so much that no matter how excited you are for the next instalment,  you secretly wish it could just be postponed forever so it didn’t have to end, and you could live with the anticipation and fan theories and hiatus creativity forever?